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Who are we?

Because of the lack of an efficient capacity- and performance management many DataCenter managers are not in control. The strength of CANS lies in optimizing the overall DataCenter management which puts you firmly in control again.
CANS knows like no other, the tension in the area of ​​DataCenter management. The innovative solutions which CANS can deliver provide a holistic view of the entire infrastructure. The result is an organization-wide monitoring, recording and management system with a real-time presentation and a vast improvement in the efficiency and service. In short, the solutions of CANS turn the management organization again into a well-oiled machine.

Your knowledge partner
CANS has years of international experience in the field of DCIM, IT Service Management and Infrastructure Management. Since its founcation in 1994 CANS has proven countless times to be a valuable and creative partner for large organizations and companies. Due to the unique knowledge and years of experience CANS is your partner at all levels of management and all internal parties. For DCIM optimization requires knowledge of cooling, monitoring, power, DataCenter Operations, air movement, connections and IT Assets. Our consultants have a process background on the basis of the ITIL / ITSM management model. In addition, they possess technical DataCenter knowledge at all relevant levels and have experience in optimizing DataCenters.

CANS is an organization which maintains an open and direct contact with our customers.