. Cans – Services


CANS is convinced that customer involvement, from first contact through to the operational use, is a key factor for success! CANS is through her years of experience in a position to go through entire projects jointly with the customer. For this CANS offers various services such as:

Site Surveys & Maturity Scans:
During a Site Survey the environment (the infrastructure and components) is mapped around a DataCenter in outline. How the utilities are used, the filling of a DataCenter is analyzed and the network elements are mapped. The results of a site survey is typically used at the start of a Deployment Tool.

In a Site Maturity Scan the maturity of the DataCenter Operations -People and Processes- is held against the CMM measure (Capability Maturity Model). As a result of this scan, the customer receives a summary of some essential DC processes and how mature they are followed. The CANS consultant performs this scan independently, so tool-agnostic.

The CANS project advises and assists clients with respect to the implementation, adaptation and takes advantage of the solutions provided and supported by CANS. The CANS project managers always work according to the principles of PRINCE2. This standard provides an unambiguous communication of planning, expectations and processes that affect the implementation of the solution to be delivered.

CANS offers customers consultancy on various levels to support during the project and beyond. For example, for obtaining ISO certifications or to improve business processes. The CANS consultants have a very large and broad knowledge of DCIM and ITIL. As a result, they are able to, from various perspectives within an organization be a qualified and knowledgeable partner.
Areas that can be distinguished here are:

  • Process Consultancy
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Device Support Software
  • Service Management
  • Continuous Service Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Review on ISO 20000

In addition to a successful implementation, it is essential that the solution delivered can be used satisfactorily by end-users and can be well maintained by its own administrators.

End users always get a customized training where screenshots and examples of their own organization are used. The training material  is closely aligned with the solution provided, the numbers of users, the available knowledge and time.

The training location is determined by mutual agreement. With larger numbers of participants it is more practical and cost efficient for the customer if the training is given to them on-site. The environment of the client will be used so that it perfectly matches the specific needs of the users. The training levels vary from a practical “hands-on” session to a multi-day intensive manager training.